Representing the largest asset exposure for JFS Holdings, our Leisure sector encircle with WildFMT, ONE FOUR BASE and four-man team brands. We offer a diverse leisure experience from exotic relaxing holiday on rich nature to adventure filled experience within the tropical island.

Training & Development

four-man team

Four-man team is one of the finest leadership and management out bound training entity in Sri Lanka. We provide you well architected, unique, safe, affordable and full package of education along with excitement and adventure. Our training programs are flowing through interesting activities like Paintball, Water Rafting, Camping etc. We ensure that our training programs will help the participants to enhance their knowledge on Business Management, Leadership, Strategic Management, Team building, skills and etc. Over 06 years, four-man team has conducted many successful training programs for well recognized organizations and universities in Sri Lanka. Under the best professionals of four-man team you will be able to experience a better, thrilling training session that designed according to your training necessities.
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“Paintball”, is not a new thing for the lovers of adventure games. In most of the countries this has become the one of the most popular adventure games. We pointed out the demand for Paintball in Sri Lanka and we started our Paintball brand, ONE FOUR BASE in 2015. Our Paintball sessions are conducted by well-trained ex-army personnel, who are experts in adventurous games. We own best branded guns, battlefields, gears and jackets to uplift the game experience more thrilling and safer. Our members will convey you all the information on your inquiries and will do unbroken coordination until the very end. We will alter features, hours of the game according to your requirement by protecting the safety in the top level. Whether you’re a Paintball expert or no, this will be the best place to play Paintball in Sri Lanka.

Luxury Hotel & Camping Site


As a conglomerate that dreaming to diversify more and more, we like to address each and every possible opportunity throughout our journey. Therefore, we choose to mark our entrance to the hotel field under the brand of WildFMT. Residential or None, Foreign or local; our hotel chain will develop with all the facilities that satisfies every class of guests. If you want to step out this busy, mechanical world, “Ahas Gawwa” will be the ultimate choice that fulfill your dream. Ahas Gawwa, the first hotel of JFS Holdings is launched on 01 November 2017. This is located in Padukka, few kilometers away from the busy city, Colombo. Ahas Gawwa is the best holiday destination in Colombo with the perfect blend of nature and culture. We are sure that the sizzling environment, calm and silent surrounding will fascinate you throughout your holiday.