Agri & Food Sector

The Agri & Food sector has always performed as a major economic force in Sri Lanka, making a significant contribution to the national economy. In 2020, the Agri & Food sector faced unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences. But, due to the import restrictions imposed by the government, this sector is kept booming during the post-pandemic. Also, the latest fiscal policy changes are mostly in favor of Agricultural business ventures. Taking those to an advantage, JFS has entered into the Agri & Food sector in April 2020. The Agri & Food business is not an easy one to be in. It is both enormous and complex. There could be many new entrants to the market which is certainly a threat and challenge for JFS but we will keep producing the best products to the consumers where our unique business tactics will continue to be in force.

The Agri & Food sector of JFS currently generates revenue through two biz operations; e-commerce platform (LKorganix) and processed food (LKO).


LKorganix is a comprehensive e-commerce platform dedicated to certified organic and natural food. This platform accommodates small and medium farmers providing certified organic/SL GAP (SL Good Agricultural Practices) and natural products to reach the customers. LKorganix is supported by an effective supply chain to deliver on time. This initiative is taken as a sustainable initiative but aiming for profits. The beauty of this unique online platform is that the customers shall view all the certifications the suppliers have, compare, and choose the right product and request the delivery to the doorstep.


LKO is one of the JFS brands dedicated to premium and high-quality Kurakkan flour supply throughout the island. LKO is a brand in the portfolio of GLOMARK, SPAR, LAUGFS SUPER and SATHOSA. LKO uses the best quality Sri Lankan kurakkan to provide the authentic traditional taste of Sri Lanka. LKO provides the convenience to its customers to purchase their premium kurakkan flour from LKO retails partners as well as through the comprehensive e-commerce platform, LKorganix. The quality products of LKO is reaching its customers after a proper quality assurance process and assured with no chemicals, no artificial substances.

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