The Challenge

“Ahas Gawwa” is a small resort hotel of tranquility situated in a beautiful location at Padukka. The hotel had trouble converting mobile users to bookings because the old website didn’t support mobile viewing. Due to the increasing number of mobile users, optimizing the website for mobile use was necessary. 

Planning and Designing.

To optimise the website for the users, Codeone-X went through a thorough study of user experience design. Codeone-X studied their users and their competitors to design the best solution for the users. During the study, We identified a few of the key points.

Building an emotional connection was beneficial in converting website visits into bookings. To achieve this goal Codeone-X incorporated visual communication rather than text in the website. Pictures, We used videos and sketches to catch users’ eye.

The emotional connection leads to customer confidence, and the experience leads to brand loyalty. Codeone-X had to convert mobile users and transform them into loyal customers as the main goal. Hence we built the redesign strategy around that goal.

The Process

After identifying what needed to be done to increase engagement and the conversion rate, Codeone-X designed WordPress websites to cover the key elements.
The site needed to address the users in a friendly and engaging manner to increase conversion and loyalty—the site needed to be SEO friendly to make it easier to find in google.

  • Better engagement
  • Better user experience
  • Better responses to keywords


New design and content strategy lead the website to many improvements. Customers started interacting more with the website by using the check availability of booking feature. The online booking feature has increased the percentage of conversion and the number of returning customers.

With new and improved SEO strategies, the website is now easier to find since it is more visible under keyword searches. The website now ra“We definitely see an improvement of the inquiries and imp

rovement in converting those inquiries to bookings”, says Ahasgawwa.

Growing traffic

Correct SEO techniques are essential for fast-growing traffic and steady traffic. We optimised our SEO strategy according to the latest industry practices and trends to ensure “Ahas Gawwa” is getting the attention of potential customers.

Increasing sales

Once we win the attention of a potential customer, the next target is to convert them to paying customers. We did this by adjusting the tone of voice and introducing an emotional connection by incorporating more visual content.


Codeone-X completely redesigned the website for “Ahas Gawwa”, and the redesign managed to increase sales and exposure of the hotel. Notably, the Codeone-X redesign helped “Ahas Gawwa” fully utilise the strengths the season offers, including the increase of mobile users, a boom in online bookings etc.

What we did

We improved information architecture by prioritising users. We added an online booking option to encourage users to book quickly and more often. We changed the CMS to WordPress and used it to implement a modern look and feel. We made the website mobile-friendly and got users to navigate the website better. We didn’t stop at mobile screens. We optimised the website for multiple devices and dimensions using the bootstrap framework allowing users to view the website easily. We also implemented a more robust SEO plugin to make it more efficient and implemented the content strategy to improve the SEO score.


  • Since the new site went live in early [Month | Year], the website has seen the following results :
  • 23.5% increase in website traffic
  • 17% increase in mobile traffic
  • Booking increased
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • SEO Position based on certain keywords improved