JFS was founded in 2012 to provide recruitment services to Sri Lankan companies. Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly to become a force to be reckoned with in the sectors it has its presence. Its meteoric rise within a short period of 09 years of operation has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. When the company was enacted in 2012 there were only two employees and now has a workforce of more than 120 employees. Today, the company operates mainly in 04 sectors: BPO, Agri & Food, ICT, and Extreme Sports. There are 08 brands under the company which provide services from HR services to adventure sports facilities.

The backbone of the success story of the Company is its talented and dedicated employees and the visionary leadership which directs the company towards its vision. Our management philosophy is solely depending on the sustainability of the business. The core values of the company create the path for becoming a diversified holding company with sustainable development without limiting into one sector by thinking at a large space. With the inspiration of “Thinking Big”, we are confident that we can diversify more into other sectors while creating value for customers and satisfying our stakeholders to become a listed company.

Our Vision

To be the largest conglomerate in Sri Lanka by 2040.

Our Mission

We create smiles in the faces of our consumers and make all customers loyal to our brands, whilst adding value to our employees, shareholders, and society.

How can we help you?

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More than 09 Years
of Excellence

We value the principle of equal treatment among our employees, candidates, partners, as well as customers.


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Core ValuesOur values are a vital part of our ethical business principles and the foundation of
everything we do as a company

Thinking BIG

We always want to think BIG as we drive to be the largest conglomerate in Sri Lanka by 2040.

Right Innovation

We empowered our people for innovation which is the key driver of our success.

Empowering Talents

Our unique structure has given an employee-empowered culture since its inception.

Doing Right Things

JFS encourages its people to do the right things as it’s easy and painless for everyone.