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JFS started as a recruitment company in 2012. Since then, the company has snowballed, conquering every sector in which it has made its presence. A decade of exponential growth the company has gained is admirable. Started with just two employees, JFS now operates with more than 100. 

Spreading through BPO, Agro-food, ICT, and Action sports, JFS has marked their excellence in all four sectors. JFS operates eight brands within four industries where the company provides facilities, from HR services to adventure sports facilities. 

Our staff is the lifeblood of our success. With the visionary guidance of our leaders, we are walking towards our vision. Sustainability is our management philosophy. Our core values lead our path to sustainable growth while becoming a diversified organisation that spreads over many sectors. We go by the quote, “Think Big”. We are confident that our diversified sectors are the pathway to growing into a company that creates value for customers, satisfies our stakeholders and leads to becoming a listed company. 

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