ICT Sector

ICT is the fourth largest foreign exchange earning industry in Sri Lanka. There are nearly 500 ICT service providers where few big players own the market share of more than 80 percent as of now. ICT outsourcing being getting popular amongst those large companies getting rapid growth during the post-pandemic era. The island is steadily transforming itself into the most preferred ICT hub in Asia thanks to the availability of the most precious resource in the world – talent. The industry is adamant on compliance with global labor and environmental standards. A highly skilled talent pool combined with the cost-effective operational ability makes Sri Lanka’s ICT Industry one of the most profitable industries to date.

Sri Lankan ICT companies export Software products and services to regions such as North America, EU, Australia, East Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the Nordic region. Their core competencies include automated application testing, infrastructure outsourcing, high-end R & D, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Technology, Mobile Applications, and many other Business Solutions.

As JFS always believes in cyberspace since its inception, there is a high favor on the ICT sector. All our ICT requirement is being handled by this sector and also provides ICT services and solutions to few corporate giants in Sri Lanka and overseas.

CodeOne-X is a professional Web & Mobile App development brand in Sri Lanka that provides IT services and solutions for clients all over the world. CodeOne-X has its corporate office in Colombo with an active branch in Tallinn as well. In addition to our innovative Web Design and Development services, we also offer a full suite of services, such as Mobile App Development, E-Commerce solutions, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital Marketing.

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